Economic Development

Recognizing that families with access to diverse sources of income and opportunities for income generation are best equipped to support the healthy growth and development of their children, FMCI provides programming that promotes economic development in the Santee neighborhood.


Key Programming

English as a Second Language Classes
Through our refugee program, over 50 parents participate in English as a Second Language Classes each year. Classes meet throughout the academic year.

Driver License Classes
Thanks to the passage of California State Assembly Bill AB60, beginning January 1, 2015 undocumented immigrants regained the right to apply for a driver’s license. FMCI helps Santee residents with the training and resources needed to obtain a driver’s license. Through a one-day training offered four times each year, residents learn about safe driving practices, road signs, lane markings, speed control, what to expect on a driver’s test and how to navigate the entire driver’s license application process. To learn more about this program, visit the Gates Consulting Group at

Sunday Friends
Since 1997, Sunday Friends has been offering day-long programs that bring together whole families to work together, learn together, earn together, make spending decisions together and share in a healthy, warm, productive, mutually-supportive community together. Family members engage in hands-on learning activities, create gifts for children in hospitals and for nursing home residents, and prepare and serve healthy meals. They attend classes on financial literacy, parenting effectiveness, English literacy, health, nutrition, violence prevention, computer skills, and STEM education. Through their participation, family members earn “tickets”, the currency of Sunday Friends, redeemable for essential goods from the Treasure Chest.